How to use KWGT to make your home screen

How to use KWGT to make your home screen

There are many applications for making widgets, but the best one is KWGT.
Because it is easy to use, and it has many advantages, so it is loved by many developers who make widgets, and lovers of customizations

What is it KWGT

KWGT It is a great application that allows you to create widgets, and give a nice interface to your phone.
.and You can download ready to use widgets pack available on the Play Store
 Apply them to your phone

Today we will explain how to use hipster widget. very nice widgets pack. It is available on the Play Store

Now download KWGT if you don't have it here. KWGT   KWGT Pro
And download hipster widget here. Hipster Widget

1. Long tap on your home screen and choose Widget

2. Choose KWGT Widget 4 x 2

3. Tap on the widget, will open the KWGT application

4. and Click on installed window. and choose Hipster widget.

5. Choose widget which you like

6.  Adjust layout  100

7. Here you can change the colors to the color you like.

8. and click save

Now your screen is changed. Ready to use

Any question, contact us, we will be happy to answer any question

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