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B & W Klwp live wellpape


B & W Klwp live wellpape

Android is the best system and its developers have been keen to meet all the requirements that the user can ask about and it is easy to deal and allows you to change the customization and enjoy your phone.
and we know that everyone has their own style

This setup applied on any android phone

Install NOVA launcher
Download packup for Novalauncher
Download klwp live wallpaper
Download B&W theme for klwp

- what is KLWP Live wallpapers

KLWP Live wallpapers is costumization with its ability to make a custom home screen with lots of animation, links, formulas and full pack of options

Here you will find some examples of customizations that I created with KLWP Live wallpapers :

Install Nova Launcher and Make it the default launcher For your phone.

B&W theme for klwp

B&W theme for klwp

- How make Nova default launcher

From phone

Go settings
Home Screen
Default Launcher and choose Novalauncher.

Or from Nova Launcher

Long Preese in Home Screen.
click on settings
Go select default launcher
Click to remember my choice, and choose Nova Launcher.

Now it became Nova Default Launcher

Download Nova launcher Backup file to set up the phone with a blank screen : Novalauncher Backup

- How to use backup

Long tap on your homescreen and choose settings
Go Backup & import settings
Click restore
browse and choose the file you downloaded called : nova_backup_redmi

After the success of the recovery. will see that the phone screen is blank

- How applied my klwp theme

Download B&W klwp theme  : B&W theme for klwp

Now on your home screen two finger swipe down to open app drawer.
Open black and white app

And Choose the preset you want

Now click on it. and click save

Now go home screen.You will see that theme has been applied

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