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Best Free light Widgets for Android


Best Free light Widgets for Android

Best Free light Widgets for Android

KWGT It is a great application that allows you to create widgets, and give a nice interface to your phone.

or You can download ready to use widgets pack available on the Play Store

And Apply them to your phone or Download Free Widgets from my Blog

Today we will use Best Free light widgets.

very nice widgets It is available on Free on my Blog

We will start installing the necessary applications.

- install KWGT if you don't have from playstore.

Now we will start with the top widget

- Long tap on your homescreen and choose Widget

- Choose KWGT Widget 4 x 2, Drag it to the bottom of the screen

- Tap on the widget, will open the KWGT application

- and Click on load

- choose widget which you like and adjust layot 100 

- and click save

Best Free light Widgets for Android

Here is an explanation with pictures how to use kwgt 

Her how to use kwgt in the video

YouTube Video

Congratulations, you have changed the look of your phone to another style

These are links to used Widgets

These are links to used Wallpaper

Any question, Leave a comment below, we will be happy to answer any question


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