Free Red theme for Android

Free Red theme for Android

Hello my friends and followers, today I will share with you Free Red Theme for Android.

Themes are for klwp app and it's a great app for customization lovers and it's the best in this kind of apps.

Free Red Theme
Free Red Theme

It enables you to run live wallpapers and wonderful themes with ease, and through the application you can make customizations according to your taste and as you want and it is easy to use.

What is the klwp app?

It is called klwp live wallpaper from its name. You know that it is for live wallpapers, that is, through it you can run live wallpapers, as well as you can make live wallpapers with it and live themes, meaning that you can make themes with animations and turn the pages with beautiful animations that the application provides you with the ability to Add animations codes that match the type of theme.

Are there ready-made themes that I can install?

Yes, of course, my friend, and there are many of them on the Play Store, forums, and websites.

For example, I specialize in this application and I have a wide range of packages for this application, including free and paid on the Play Store and my blog. You can take a look here on my blog to download ready-made themes and know how to operate them and everything related to this application and other applications that I use in my work

How can I run the klwp theme?

Yes, a good question, I will answer it. It is very simple and easy. You can run themes in easy steps. All you have to do is focus on the explanation and its application.

First we will see the requirements for the application klwp live wallpaper in order to run, the requirements are simple, which is that the Android version of your phone is 5.1 or more.

Secondly, we will see the requirements of the theme and they are also easy and simple, the theme needs the klwp live wallpaper application to be installed on your phone and this matter we have explained above and it is easy, and it needs Novalauncher to be installed on your phone because it is the best launcher on Android that gives you huge possibilities to control your phone.
This is all it takes for the theme to work, I thought it was simple.

And now we will go to run the theme, after installing klwp live wallpaper and Novalauncher we will configure the phone to swim ready to run the live wallpapers freely and without problems.

 1- We will make Nova Launcher the default launcher for the phone
 2- We will remove all the icons on the phone screen.

And to make it simple and easy for you, I uploaded a back-up to Nova Launcher and incorporated the necessary modifications into it, and we will use it to make the phone screen blank and ready to run live wallpapers.

How to modify Nova Launcher and make it the default launcher for the phone?

To make Nova Launcher the default launcher for the phone, there are two ways:

 1- The first way from the phone

 It is to go to the phone settings and then the home screen
 Then the default launcher
 Then choose Nova Launcher
 Nova will be applied as the default launcher.

 2- The second method from Nova launcher itself

Open Nova Launcher and long press on the main screen until Nova Launcher settings appear
Then choose settings
Then scroll down until you find the default launcher
Click on it, then activate the Always Remember feature and choose Nova Launcher
Now Nova Launcher is the default launcher for the phone

How do we activate the back-up?

The method is very easy, after downloading the file from the link, you will press on the main screen and long press until the settings appear
Then choose settings
Then scroll down until you find: Save and restore or Backup & import settings
Click on it, then choose restore, then select the file you downloaded and its name: nova_backup_redmi
After completion, you will see the phone screen has gone blank.

How to applying this theme ?

Download Free Red Theme

To enter the list of applications, swipe two fingers down on the screen and the list of applications will appear.

(Note, you can change how to open the list of applications as you want or as you see it, easy and helps you, such as dragging with one finger up, and the list will open with you.
You will do this by entering Nova settings and going to Gestures & inputs
And choose the companion to the top and then choose to open the list of applications or the app drawar)

Open klwp app, and Click on folder icon on the top
Go download folder
And select preset That you downloaded Named Free Red Theme
Now we will click on the exported window and we will find it first in the list.

After clicking on the theme, it will open it in the klwp application for preview, or if you want to modify anything on it, such as colors, fonts, images or favorite applications on the main screen of the theme.

After the preview, and if you want to activate it, all you have to do is press save at the top.
After saving, a window will open with you for the first time when you use the application just to confirm it use Klpw , click on it and a preview window will open in full screen to see how the theme looks
Click on the Make it wallpaper button, and then you will choose between making it the wallpaper for the main screen or the lok screen.

Select the home screen and you will see the theme has been applied and your phone will be elegant.

Link Filles used :

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