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google pixel 5a reviews and price

google pixel 5a reviews and price

Google Pixel 5A The most important 10 information about the phone

After the launch of Google Pixel 5A, the device managed to capture the attention of many customers around the world, for several reasons.
It comes at the forefront of the reasons that put the Google phone in the center of attention, it's appropriate price, which made it the best option in the category of mid-range phones.
The price was not the only feature of the phone. The general performance of the phone, the quality of the camera, the efficiency of the battery and its ability to resist water and dust, indicate that the phone sales were great.

Google Pixel 5A phone specifications and prices

And "aitnews" monitored many specifications and features that supported the position of the Google Pixel 5A phone, as the best phone in the market this year.

  1.  Google Pixel 5A  phone is about 449 dollars. 
  2.  Google Pixel phone has launched 5A in specific markets, and one color is black. 
  3.  Google Phone works by Qualcomm Snapdragon 765g, featuring ideal performance, along with 5G networks. 
  4.  Pixel 5A offers a random-access memory with a 6 GB capacity. 
  5.  large Pixel 5Al phone screen with 6.3-inch size.
  6.  The phone comes with an internal storage memory with a capacity of 128 GB. 
  7.  The Pixel 5A With a 12-megapixel main camera, along with a 16-megapixel camera.
  8.  The new phone provides an NFC feature, which is used to pay through services such as Google Pay.
  9.  The phone features a fingerprint sensor located on the back of the device. 
  10.  water resistant and dusty at IP67 standard, also offers a 4,680-mA battery phone

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