Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 smart watch launched by Samsung in mid-2021, which is characterized by the first smartwatch to come in partnership with Google, so that the new Galaxy Watch 4 can compete in terms of design and processor, after the great success achieved by the Apple 6 and also the new Apple Watch 7, Samsung had to enter the competition, and we will offer you the specifications of the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 2021 and the most prominent features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 .

Specifications of the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Samsung Smartwatch design: 

Samsung tends to have traditional designs, still sticking to the look that smart watches look simple classic.
We see the Watch 4 with a simple traditional design and virtual edges. Wraps in a rubber bracelet. According to users, the watch is very comfortable when you are in position, even after many hours of use.

Details of galaxy watch4 specifications: 

The 4-dimensional watch is available in 44.4 mm length in large size, 43.3 mm width, 9.8 mm thickness, and weighs 30.3 grams. 
There is a 40 mm version for small hands. 
Made of gorilla glass from the front, aluminum frames They are also available in color: black, gold, pink, silver, and green. 

Galaxy Watch 4 screen:

The Galaxy Watch 4 comes with a simple circular design, with motionable edges. It can support more than 16 million colors and is equipped with always on continuous operation technology. 

In detail: 

The Galaxy Watch 4 comes in super amoled, 1.4-inch. 450*450
is protected by corning gorilla glass New Samsung Watch Battery 2021 - Galaxy Watch 4 comes with an unseat able 361 mAh battery, wirelessly charged. 

It can work for a maximum of one and a half or two days, and it takes about an hour and a half to full charge 100%. 
What is Samsung galaxy Watch 4 operating system: 
With the new operating system, we see a high flow between the Samsung watch and the Android system. 

After most of Samsung old watches couldn't access Google services, a lot of apps too. Galaxy Watch begins with google play app support, and supports the watch's ability to access hundreds of apps such as Google Fit, Google Maps, Spotify, Outlook and much more. 

The details of the system and the software for Galaxy Watch 4 :

Run withe Android Wear OS and one UI Watch 3 user interface It also contains a dual-core processor and an exynos w920 5 nm chip. It is a 1.5GB RAM memory, with a storage capacity of 16GB. 
The sensitivities of the watch are: 
Accelerometer, heart rate, atmospheric pressure sensor, gyroscope.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 features:

The Galaxy Watch 4 has a fitness tracking software powered by the Samsung BioActive Sensor. One of its advantages is that it measures the percentage of fat and muscle in your body, and the amount of water. 
isb samsung first watch that measures body composition with such precision. 

She can track your daily activities, monitor the results of your fitness exercises, and encourage you that she supports more than 90 workouts to give you accurate reports. 
The Galaxy Watch 4 comes with a Proactive sensor, with the ability to measure heart electricity charts, followed moment by moment using the electric heart sensor, and real-time blood pressure measurement using the Optical Heart Rate Sensor (PPG). 

The Samsung Watch 4 has a tracking and analysis system for your sleep stages. She can also know your blood oxygen levels and tell you if it makes a sound in your sleep. 

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