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Android 12 history and Features

Android 12
Android 12

Android 12 is the 12th major version and 19th version of Android, a mobile operating system developed by Google's open phone alliance. The first trial was released on May 18, 2021. Android 12 was released publicly on October 4, 2021, through Android Open Source Project and was released to Google Pixel supported devices on October 19, 2021.


Android 12 was announced on February 18, 2021. The developer preview was released immediately, with two additional plans planned for the next two months. After that, four monthly trials were planned, starting in May, the most recent of which reached the stability of the platform in August, with general availability shortly thereafter.

The second developer preview was released on March, 2021, followed by a third preview on April, 2021. The first trial was released on May 18, 2021. This was followed by trial release 2 on June 9, 2021, which got bugfix updated to 2.1 on June 23. Trial 3 was then released on July 14, 2021, and bugfix gets updated to beta 3.1 on July 26. Beta 4 was released on August, 2021. The fifth trial, unplanned in the original road map, was released on September 8, 2021. Android 12 stable was released on the open source Android project on October 4.

Android 12L

In October 2021, Google announced Android 12L, a temporary version of Android 12 that includes improvements for folding phones, tablets, desktop-sized screens and Chromebooks, and user interface modifications to customize for larger screens. It is scheduled to be launched in early 2022. Developer Preview 1 was released from Android 12L in October 2021, followed by Beta 1 in December 2021, Beta 2 in January 2022, and Beta 3 in February 2022. Android 12L stable for large-screen devices was released on March 7, 2022, and was released as "Android 12.1" for Pixel smartphones on the same date, along with pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.


User interface

Android 12 offers a great update to the operating system's Material Design language featuring larger buttons, an increasing amount of animation, and a new style for home screen tools. The feature, internally symbolic "Monet", allows the operating system to automatically create a color attribute for system lists and supported applications using user background colors. Smart home areas and added wallet have been moved to the power list on Android 11 to the shadow of notifications, while Google Assistant is now activated by constantly pressing the power button.

In addition to the user interface, the tools on Android 12 are also updated in the new Material You language you design.


Performance improvements have been made to system services such as Window Manager, Package Manager, System Server and Counties.


Operating system-level machine learning functions are placed in protection mode within the "Android Private Compute Core", which expressly prohibits access to networks.

Applications that request location data can now be restricted to access only "approximate" location data instead of "accurate." Controls have been added to prevent applications from using the system-wide camera and microphone to quick settings switches. An indicator will also be displayed on the screen if it is active.

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