Best Android Applications 2022

 Best Android Applications 2022

Today We will write about the Best Android applications 2022, which will be of high quality to take advantage of your smartphone to the maximum you may notice in the App Store

The presence of applications in the first rankings, which does not provide any benefit you will also find applications of interest that have not been addressed in advance

Or the user does not know about its existence because what occupies the first ranks of applications are not useful, this article will provide great free applications 

It was selected from the users themselves during the evaluation of Google Play and also from my view that it is useful to you and me and do not forget to share it 

With your friends to get the best Android apps of the year.

Best Android Applications 2022
Best Android Applications 2022

The best Android apps 2022

  1. Notion Application to write notes and tasks.
  2. for fast internet connection and change DNS for Android.
  3. VIMAGE application for live photo editing.
  4. Mimo Application-to learn all programming languages.
  5. Drops a great application for Learning English.
  6. Keep Trainer to help you exercise.
  7. Canva Application-for photographic designs.
  8. Otter to create voice notes.
  9. Facetune to beautify selfies.
  10. Guides Application Tourist Guide.
  11. RAM & Game Booster to help speed up the phone.
  12. Files by Google to free up memory space.

1- Notion Application to write notes and tasks

One of the masterpieces of the application is that it is not like the rest of the applications of writing notes, but provides ready-made designs for the type of note you want to write 

Also comes built-in calendar to add tasks and their details, you can organize your notes and add them to side lists and then you can Choose between them with ease the application also supports drag and drop feature and press strongly to edit DRAG, DROP, EDIT, when writing a note Somewhere it can be synchronized directly with Mac and Windows via your account.

2- Application to change DNS Android

Cloudflare content delivery network CDN has created its own OAP protocol containing the number and now you can use this application To DNS and to change it in case you want to filter your internet from some attacks and from surveillance and protection of privacy، 

Previously we used what'S called DNS Google, which was, and now we have this faster, stronger and better.

3- VIMAGE Application to add life to photos

A wonderful cinematic application to create and add effects and animated effects to your photos and turn them into wonderful and vivid pieces of art, For example you have a picture of a cup of coffee still image but by this application you can add her coffee steam.

You can add a bee on a Rose, or a butterfly on a tree, and other wonderful and varied additions to the photos.

4- Mimo Application to learn all programming languages

MIMO Application has more than 4 million users around the world how not and it offers practical programming lessons with examples of thousands of videos for all programming languages.

It helps you in learning programming from scratch and contains levels through which you can determine the capabilities of yourself and to what stage you reached in programming 

Its interface and the way it shows your level of learning will make it a daily habit to study programming.

5- Drops great app to learn all languages

Have you ever imagined that you will get an application that teaches you 31 languages around the world, including English, Spanish, French, German, Korean, Chinese, Turkish and many other languages, the application Drops.

One of the best applications to learn English and beautiful in this application it depends on the visual effects in learning after you choose the language you are interested in The application will begin to show levels of learning from the most common words to words that you should use on certain occasions, and pictures wonderful and the best applications of Android 2022.

6- Keep Trainer a way to help you exercise

The application is free and applications like this type are usually not free

Keep Trainer in an easy-to-use application that helps you maintain your fitness and physical health and that you will get through a trainer with the right directions it contains more than 350 exercise at different levels with an analysis of the state of your exercises and the state of fat burning.

Yes in this application exercises to maintain your slimness and help burn fat, weight lifting, various cardio exercises, foot and abdominal exercises and exercises focused on the entire muscle.

7- Canva Application for photographic designs

Ria is a wonderful, distinctive, simple and easy-to-use application for the manufacture of logos, posters, invitation cards and email addresses, a great application for the design of graphics and eye-catching.

It can be used to create Facebook covers and images of Instagram and the industry of the story alwatsab and Instagram and Facebook can also be used for the manufacture of thumbnails on YouTube and the manufacture of images logos and filters snapchat geofilters.

8- Otter To create voice notes

In lectures, meetings, may not have time to add your notes in this application with tremendous features to create voice notes with the date, time and address you want.

The app won't stop there but creates smart voice notes that combine audio, transcription, speaker identification, photo addition, and key phrases. It is very important for business people, journalists and students to be more focused, collaborative and effective in meetings, interviews, lectures and important conversation places.

9- Facetune to beautify selfies

If your face contains some acne or your hair on some dandruff or any other add-ons you want to clean, use this wonderful professional application that contains very professional tools to edit personal photos and selfies and helps to unify the color of the face and remove pimples and grains from the best photo editing applications and the best Android applications 2022 wonderful and free on Google Play.

10- Guides The Best Tourist Guide for Android

If you are traveling to a country or city and want to get a tourist guide that tells you the best places, restaurants and markets that you should visit while you are in it or while planning your travel can use this application.

One of the best applications of Android 2022, which you can rely on to get a tourist guide integrated and easy to use and does not need the internet to work only in the case of running navigation by Maps, type the name of the city, hostel Delil own, browse its contents enjoy.

11- RAM & Game Booster Application to speed up the phone

When you use applications and games a lot are stored some files, which are called Temporary files to help the application to open faster at another time, but with time the temporary memory may be filled and your phone suffers from some slowness, especially if you are a fan of the game PUBG or Fortnite game you will sometimes need to speed up your phone to prevent slow game or sudden exit and others, the application will clean this function RAM and speed up the phone and speed up the work of your games. We will not stop there we will but will update this article from time to time to add some cool and useful applications for the user stay informed.

12- Files by Google app to free up memory space

To add extra space and modify files and delete excess in your phone use the free Google application, which is one of the best Android applications 2022 for such a type of Service, which helps to increase the space of your phone and clean it of excess files, control and modify them, as the application can be used to send files offline between Android phones, also through the application you can find files faster and increase the effectiveness of your phone.

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