How to unlock iPhone screen lock

How to unlock iPhone screen lock


There are several cases where the iPhone screen is locked and the user is not able to access his phone after them when typing the password incorrectly more than once and results from forgetting the password of The iPhone and also when buying a Used iPhone sometimes, as the user can not use his phone when smashing the iPhone screen or when The Face ID a stop.
as well as when working Gilbrick and in The DFU mode repeated.

The user also faces forgetting the Apple account they entered into their device or forgetting the password, which sometimes hinders the process of downloading applications and updates.

Finally, the restrictions code is one of the most important symbols of the iPhone if it is forgotten, the user will not be able to retrieve it except by several operations to delete the contents or Reset of the iPhone.
But here is a powerful program that will enable you to unlock the iPhone in all the cases mentioned earlier:

AnyUnlock Program to unlock iPhone

This program offers several important functions, including:

  • Unlock iPhone lock (locked screen to forget password.
  • Remove Apple account after forgetting password.
  • Remove restrictions code.


this software is reliable and have technical support to help in case you encounter any problem as it does not require high technical knowledge to carry out its steps.

how to use this program AnyUnlcok

There is a detailed guide to this program you can find in the use AnyUnlcok from the official website and it is fully detailed how to use the program in detail and in pictures

Remove iCloud account

When you forget your iCloud account password, do the following:

  1. Connect the iPhone to the cable.
  2. Run The AnyUnlock program.
  3. Wait for the iPhone to appear.
  4. Press the Unlock Now.
  5. Do not remove the iPhone until it is finished.
  6. Upon completion, a message will appear that the operation was successful.

Tip, Do not erase iPhone data or restore an old backup, then the iPhone will force you to enter your old account.

Unlock screen lock

Always talk when you forget your password and to remove this lock, do the following steps:

  1. Connect the iPhone to the cable.
  2. Run The AnyUnlock program.
  3. Wait for the iPhone to appear.
  4. Tap the option Unlock Screen Passcode.
  5. The program will recognize your device.
  6. If it doesn't recognize, put the device in DFU Mode.
  7. The system will start to go down.
  8. Wait for it to finish and start the device Restor process

Do not disconnect the iPhone from the computer until it shows a sign that the operation has been successful.

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