Sean Dyche

 Sean Dyche: huge gamble by Burnley owners

Sean Dyche
Sean Dyche

Burnley's decision to sack manager Sean Dyche after a decade at Turf Moor is a huge gamble that provokes panic by the club's owners.

If the Clarets remain in the Premier League, and are currently four points from safety behind Everton with eight games remaining,

Burnley boss Alan pace and his teammates can congratulate themselves.

If Burnley fell, they would be accused of being guilty of a desperate, misguided move that removed the man who is still arguably the best chance of survival.

Such is the pace of the punt his board colleagues have taken when making a decision that has raised eyebrows even in the world of Premier League management.

Dyche, 50, is highly respected and loved in Burnley and in a town where he has defied financial odds and constraints.

They are currently in their sixth consecutive season in the Premier League, their best performance in 60 years,

and Dyche brought them back to Europe for the first time in 51 years when they finished seventh in 2017-18.

The new owners seem to feel that their financial fortunes are so closed while retaining Premier League status that they have had to act .

The loss to the Canary Islands this season seems to have been a kryptonite for struggling clubs.

Just days earlier, however, Dyche showed he could still pull off at least a decisive result compared to his Premier League rivals when they came from behind to beat their nearest relegation rivals Everton 3-2 at Turf Moor.

There was hype that this might have been Dyche's last season at Burnley anyway, and that it was time to move on after almost a decade of getting the club to put on weight, but he certainly deserved the right to make that decision himself.

Dyche's sacking now, so close to the end of the season, hints at fear at Burnley. Only survival will make this seem like a wise move, once again showing the risks that brought the owners of the club to the decision.

Dyche is not supported by a large budget. This is not a criticism just an admission that the club had to live within its means. But this only adds to the volume of work he has done.

The manager , supported by his staff, built a Burnley team that played with limitations but knew how to survive. They were facing a desperate struggle, but it is a very risky call to Turf Moore's hierarchy to believe that they can improve a manager who has been on this path before.

With so few games remaining, the assumption should be that Burnley have a replacement . The most common suspect of all, Sam Allardyce, is already heavily promoted.

Many Burnley supporters depend on the outcome of the move, which is likely to be unpopular with many.

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