YouTube Kids For Children

 YouTube Kids For Children

YouTube Kids
YouTube Kids app

YouTube Kids provides a more child-friendly environment for browsing YouTube and makes it easier for parents to guide their journey.

What is YouTube Kids?

YouTube Kids is an American video app and children's website developed by YouTube. The app provides a version of the service aimed only at children, with coordinated content choices and parental control features, in accordance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

The app was first released on February 15, 2015, as an Android and iOS mobile app, as well as for Android TV. The app is available in 69 countries.


The app is divided into content categories. "Recommended", "shows", "music" and "learn" from channels that are suitable for children.

YouTube has also provided advocacy campaigns through special playlists that have appeared on YouTube Kids to promote literacy, which included a playlist of STEM-oriented programs and videos to promote a healthy life and an active lifestyle for children.

In November 2017, the app was updated to add additional modes designed for different age groups, from a simplified interface to a denser interface designed for older children.

In September 2018, YouTube added new age-group options related to the content provided in the app, "smaller" and "older."

In August 2019, the "younger" setting was split to add the new "preschool" collection, focusing on "creativity, fun, learning and exploration."

Parental controls

The YouTube Kids app features parental control settings that allow parents to limit viewing time and restrict children from accessing the search tool.

The YouTube Kids app has a set of parental control tools so you can customize your child's individual experience. You can select the content you want to make available to them to watch, set a timer to control screen time, and block videos or channels.

You can agree to what your children can watch, And completely control what your kids are watching select "Approved Content Only" mode so that only your kids can watch your chosen videos, channels and groups, In this situation, children will not be able to search for videos.

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