3DX widgets customization

3DX widgets customization

3DX widgets customization
3DX widgets customization

3DX widgets customization. Download 3DX Widgets and changed the look of your phone to another style.

What is it customization ?

customization gives a special look to your phone. and makes it look beautiful And special.

There are a lot of themes in its app.  
That allows you to change icons and background. But the phone interface remains in the same style, only change in icons and background

But today we will make a customization of another type٫ 
We will completely change the look of the phone to make it more beautiful and clean

In this customization we will use the nova launcher.

What is it Nova launcher ?

Nova Launcher is a great launcher, customizable, performance, light on the phone, fast.
where many options are not available in another launcher. Is easy, simple in customizing your phone.

We will also use the Kwgt app available on the Play Store.

What is it KWGT ?

KWGT It is a great application that allows you to create widgets, and give a nice interface to your phone.
or You can download ready to use widgets pack available on the Play Store, And Apply them to your phone

Today we will use 3DX widgets.
very nice widgets pack. It is available on the Play Store.

We will start installing the necessary applications.

1 - Install Novalauncher from playstore.
2 - install KWGT if you don't have from playstore.
3 - Install 3DX Widgets From playstor link in below.

After being installed Nova launcher, Make it the default launcher For your phone.

- From phone : 

Go settings
Home Screen
Default Launcher and choose Novalauncher. 

- Or from Nova Launcher :

Long Preese in Home Screen.
click on settings 
Go select default launcher 

Click to remember my choice, and choose Nova Launcher
Now it became Nova Default Launcher with a blank screen.

Now we will start of customizing the phone

Download Nova launcher Backup file to set up the phone with a blank screen

How to use backup ?

Long tap on your homescreen and choose settings
Go Backup & import settings
Click restore
browse and choose the file you downloaded called : nova_backup_redmi

After the success of the recovery. will see that the phone screen is blank

Now we will start with the top widget

- Long tap on your homescreen and choose Widget
- Choose KWGT Widget 4 x 2, Drag it to the bottom of the screen
- Tap on the widget, will open the KWGT application
- and Click on load
- choose widget which you like and adjust layot 100 
- and click save

Congratulations, you have changed the look of your phone to another style

These are links to used background

3DX Wallpaper
3DX Wallpaper

Download 3DX Widgets

Any question, contact us, we will be happy to answer any question

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