Franco Gatti dei Ricchi e Poveri died

Music. Franco Gatti dei Ricchi e Poveri died at the age of 80

Franco Gatti dei Ricchi e Poveri
Franco Gatti dei Ricchi e Poveri

A couple of weeks after having blown out 80 candles, Franco Gatti, historical member of Ricchi e Poveri, dies leaving a void in what is certainly one of the most familiar bands to the Italian public. So familiar that for everyone Gatti was simply "The mustache", for this element on the face so characterizing.

But that's not all, Gatti was certainly also the happiest and most welcoming soul of the Rich and the Poor, even after his abandonment of the project, which took place in 2016, to be next to that family that mourns him today, and even before that, three years before to be precise, he had mourned the disappearance of his son Alessio, just twenty-two years old.

A loss that will naturally mark the last years of the Gatti family and that of the Ricchi e Poveri, who will cancel a tour that year as well as Fabio Fazio's presence as super-guests at the Sanremo Festival. They will take the honor of treading that stage not in the competition, collecting the applause of an entire country, in 2020, at the behest of Amadeus, again in four, "the mustache" still sitting next to Angela Brambati, Marina Occhiena and Angelo Sotgiu , who today mourn him saying that "a piece of life" has left them.

Franco Gatti's funeral will be held on Thursday at 11.30 in the church of San Siro in the Nervi district of Genoa and will be open to the public. Sources close to the family make it known.

Franco Gatti had been part of the Ricchi e Poveri since the foundation of the group, which was born in Genoa in 1967 and has become one of the Italian realities with the largest number of records sold, with more than 22 million copies. The original components were in addition to Gatti, known as 'mustache', Angelo Sotgiu, 'the blond', Angela Brambati, 'the brunette', and Marina Occhiena, 'the blond'.

In the seventies and eighties several of their singles, such as 'La prima cosa bella', 'Che Sara', 'It will be because I love you', 'Come I wish', 'Mamma Maria' and 'Voulez vous danser', reached the top of the charts Italian and international. In 1981 Marina Occhiena left the group, following conflicts with the other female member of the band. The Ricchi e Poveri continued for a long time in three, even managing to win the Sanremo Festival in 1985 with the song 'Se m'innamoro'. But in 2016 Gatti also announced his retirement from the group, after 48 years of activity together, to fully dedicate himself to his family: "The age is advancing and I no longer feel like traveling the world ...

Then, since my son passed away, everything has changed ", he said referring to the death of his son Alessio, struck down at the age of 23, in 2013 by an overdose of alcohol and drugs. Since then the Ricchi and Poveri have remained two on stage. , except for exceptional TV appearances.

Like the one that in 2020 the manager Danilo Mancuso managed to get on the stage of the Ariston Theater with all four original components, in the first Amadeus festival. The performance with a medley of their greatest hits, in which also a very amused Fiorello intervened, remained one of the highest ratings of the festival of that year.

Franco Gatti had never recovered from the death of his son Alessio, which took place on February 13, 2013, on the very day when the Ricchi e Poveri should have performed on the Ariston stage, in one of the editions conducted by Fabio Fazio. Naturally the exhibition was canceled, after the young man was found lifeless in his apartment in Capolungo in Nervi.

And the last television interview that Franco Gatti had released in October 2019 to Caterina Balivo for the program 'Come to me' was dedicated to Alessio. "My son drank, drank and drank. And it was also a bit of his misfortune," said Gatti. Who had also clarified the circumstances of Alessio's death, speaking of a "first intake" of a cocktail of alcohol and heroin, which had caused him a fatal heart attack. "He screwed up, the first of his life, with drugs and at a time when he was not well. And he paid for it like this, '' said the singer, stressing that the boy had an addiction to alcohol, but not from drugs.

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