Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro Review

Google Pixel 7 and Google Pixel 7 Pro Review

The pixel 7 and 7 Pro may both be the best smartphones I've ever used, but they should be up against Apple who are now building both their hardware and software tightly together to extract the most out of what they have.

Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro Review
Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro

Android is a company that can do the same that can show us what an improved Android experience that has already been created from the ground up looks like

That's why she had to add someone who makes the software to finally show us how now whether to choose Pixel 7 or 7 pro

The unboxing experience is almost average for 2022, you get the phones at the top without a charger but at least we get a USBC cable, an adapter that will help us with quick setup and then for some reason a 140-page brochure in Both and here we have Pixel 7 and pixel 7 Pro.

This fantasy program that feels lively, where the phone captures some of the best photos seen by smartphones but even professional cameras and all wrapped up in this wonderful and distinctive futuristic 

I am glad to inform you that Google not only fixed all these major vulnerabilities with the Pixel 7, but, moreover, created something so incredibly good that it showed me something that I didn't even know I wanted.

Let's start with the design

This camera lens is a good empty space, but since then, the Pixels 7 have grown very much , I began to appreciate these slightly rounded corners , and the clickable power button

The sides now seamlessly connect to the front of my camera again instead of feeling like a separate piece and how the back itself is now made of plaster that is more resistant to scratching last time than my thing.

It is a well-chosen design that gives your finger a natural resting place not on cameras even in landscape mode when playing games on this phone, not to mention that since the visor covers the entire back, it makes the phone sit flat when lying on a table

Is the fact that the basic Pixel 7 that has a flat screen compared to the curved one on the 7 Pro feels a little sharp as that screen intersects with the body which is not ideal considering how often you will be scrolling through it to get the gesture controls .

The screens themselves are fine though as you get a full HD panel on the Pixel 7 and a larger Quad HD panel on the pro

Nice touch but once you get it inside the phones, that's where things start to kick in, remember that the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro are the first two phones powered by Google second-generation tensioner chip, and that's a big problem, and yet no one anywhere has mentioned how powerful they are, so don't worry.

Do it if we pull out the quick Geek bench platform on the pixel 7, you can see that the Tensor Gen 2 is actually a pretty big neck and neck with the performance of the Samsung s22 Ultra and the CPU which is impressive for two reasons one of which is that speed was a serious limiting factor last time.

And it looks like they fixed it and two you're getting this higher level of performance on not only the 899px 7 Pro but also the 599px 7

Then to test the graphics capability, I think Google mentioned the games in the whole presentation, the main things they focused on are how they benefit the Daily software experience and how they benefit the camera.

And this is not a joke the two best things about the pixel 7 for one the enhanced AI Core added to it can make your phone more capable of understanding your voice I tested this by the way and compared to the resolution of the iPhone it is definitely a notch higher even than the punctuation nailing

And this is already a big deal if your phone can understand your voice better, it means that you will get better communication with your voice assistant, you will be able to send messages faster, you will be able to translate things more accurately.

Google has created some real interest in this, for example how you can change wallpapers with one click from the Home screen, how the status bar matches the exact curvature of the physical boundaries of the phone, which makes it look like a program designed around the device.

As always, the screen clock gently switches to the lock screen clock

How to speed up the lifting of the fingerprint scanner and create that delicate combination of vibrations and soft sounds to make you feel like you are pressing a real button, how simple the whole thing is how they give you everything you need to quickly transfer your things from your old phone.

How it comes with a minimum of installed apps with the new bloatware and how it shows you demonstration videos of any feature that might be a bit confusing such things also make it much easier to recommend to less technical people.

Because I know how easy access to the phone is how it meets the needs of the hearing impaired with the live caption of anything you can see on your phone and how it meets the needs of the blind with Guided Access that makes sure they can still take good framed selfies ،

How the phone can predict which applications you will use next and display them on your Selected icon document and it all happens really very quickly, both the Pixel 7 and the 7 Pro feel like well-oiled machines.

Where you can safely navigate between opened and closed applications and you will never wait for anything that you are still a little salty because this same softness still does not apply to switching between different camera lenses.

And Google eventually tends to detect and fix the main bugs that are released from any Pixel with Oh, and the battery life is also good.

The smaller Pixel 7 has got the battery life of the largest pro phones, then the seven pros that exist with the iPhone 14 pro Max, not exactly the best but at the top level, and I would be willing to bet that the new tensioner chip has exactly that to do with it.


Let's talk about these cameras, so the basic Pixel 7 has two cameras, one 50 megapixel main and 12 megapixel ultra HD and I think you can make a very strong argument that there is no better camera system available for less than 600 and a step.

One of them is image processing when taking a photo on Pixel 7 and opening it, you will always notice that it spends a second or two processing that image, every phone does it to some extent but no phone improves the result as much as you could like, not only does it add a little sharpness, this thing applies noise reduction.

It even combines images together from both your main camera and your ultra-fast device to improve sharpness, it uses artificial intelligence to realistically reproduce images. Our natural skin tone on any one of the cameras and is not only limited to the default camera application, it also improves the shape of your face and eliminates lens distortion.

If you shake the camera too much this non-blur feature can also be used on any photo even not taken on this phone.

And he's not going to lie kind of this Pixel is better able to decode noise than the phone that picked it up I've now reached the stage where the processing is so good that I've just come to trust the Pixel 7.

I trust that although things may not necessarily look better in the camera preview, when you click on the lock button of this phone you will find out and it is almost an exciting process waiting to see what you will do with your shots and the fact that this phone does not have a zoom camera and yet it can take photos with eight times that clarity. 

The same AI is frankly ridiculous not to mention that in low light, while this is not a giant leap compared to last year's pixels, it captures those night shots in less time resulting in less blurry images paired with a better dynamic range than the iPhone 14 pro which controls

The bright spots make it on a par with the best phones that are already out there the caveats are a slightly exaggerated color palette and a slightly weaker ultra-wide camera that becomes obvious when you look at the sky in this shot, but here's the most important news ، 

Google has significantly improved the video, it's not as good as the photos, but they took it from one of the weakest main Android programs for video to one of the most powerful still not good at the level of clarity of the iPhone, especially on the selfie camera .

It captures sounds really clearly thanks to something called Google Speech Enhancement that gets rid of background noise ،

Autofocus is now surprisingly accurate because it can really well pick out objects and still focus the focus ،

Then if you want to focus on something moving, you literally have the best focus tracker available on a smartphone, the new cinematic mode also benefits from flawless focus tracking.

But the fact that it is set at 1080p against an iPhone that I can now do 4K, it makes me not really want to use it and then you have the pixel 7 Pro that has the same core but on top of that, it has a five times zoom camera

Coupled with all the great pixel 7 enhancements they do to zoom shots anyway means you can actually take a photo zooming all the way up to about 12 times and it's not even saying it's not a better optical zoom method than the iPhone 14 pro Zoom.

But not at the Samsung level, it also has an ultra-wide base 7 camera that includes autofocus which means that now you can get closer to things and take macro shots that are not quite as close as the iPhone but certainly as good as the macros of the iPhone thanks to Google processing.

The Pixels this year are great, they are fast, they are powerful, they are useful and they reliably capture your memories and I know that not everyone will echo this feeling, but I also think that their price is really good for what they are and for the seventh standard I think they have chosen all the right things to trim when leaving.

Hence for the pro, they made sure that they better give you enough luxuries with a bigger screen, a bigger battery, a more advanced camera and Ram (ram) so that if you want to spend 300 more you definitely get your money's worth.

Now if you're about to launch on Pixel 7 and you want the best of the best of the best to protect with this is the case to do it, the dbrand Grip which is great for fall protection , but that's not really what makes it special, it's more than a few very small touches the tiny dotted texture of the brackets that.

The front of the most clickable phone you've ever tried is protected by buttons in a case and all dressed in brand new digital camouflage leather that comes in a camouflage Navy camo glitch and a favorite Arctic hammer.

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