Best android customization idea

Best android customization idea | Best Themes

Best android customization ideas for all Android devices. Use the best android customization App to create the perfect look and feel for your android device.

A new way to customize your android phone is the themes. There are a lot of different themes that you can use to change the look and feel of your android phone. You can also change the entire user interface of your phone. Check out this article to get inspired.

Get the most of your android phone with these awesome themes and customization ideas.

I am going to share my experience on some of the best Android Customization tips and tricks that will help you enhance your Android phone.

In this article you will find some great ideas for customizing your Android phone, tablet or any other android device.

Best android customization idea
android customization

Android is the best system and its developers have been keen to meet all the requirements that the user can ask about and it is easy to deal and allows you to change the customization and enjoy your phone.
and we know that everyone has their own style

What is the Android customization?

Android customization is to change the style of the phone to the style you want and like it and enjoy it. There are several customization applications, backgrounds, icons, and widgets, but there is a distinctive application called KLWP Live wallpapers

What is KLWP Live wallpapers?

KLWP Live wallpapers is Best customization App with its ability to make a custom home screen with lots of animation, links, formulas and full pack of options.

It is called klwp live wallpaper from its name. You know that it is for live wallpapers, that is, through it you can run live wallpapers, as well as you can make live wallpapers with it and live themes, meaning that you can make themes with animations and turn the pages with beautiful animations that the application provides you with the ability to Add animations codes that match the type of theme.

What I need to enjoy these Android customizations?

Easy my friend.  If your phone is Android version 5.2 or above, you can customize easily
If you have knowledge about setting apps then you install NOVA LAUNCHER. It is one of the top launchers and have plenty of features

And install KLWP live wallpaper Available with a free and paid version.  I recommend you for the paid version to get featured options

Where can I find ready Android customizations?

Yes, of course, my friend, and there are many of them on the Play Store, forums, and websites.

For example, I specialize in this application and I have a wide range of packages for this application, including free and paid on the Play Store and my blog. You can take a look here on my blog to download ready-made themes and know how to operate them and everything related to this application and other applications that I use in my work.

First, to know the style you want

Free Withe Simple Animation

If you are a fan of the simple style, there are a lot of simple free and paid customizations. I will try you on simple free and wonderful customizations to enjoy

WP Lite Klwp Presets Free Download Klwp Presets Free Download
WP Lite Klwp Presets Free Download Klwp Presets Free Download

To see more, here, this section is for KLWP customizationsKlwp post

Full animation style

If you like animation presets, there are also many customizations with the animation

Download Liquid Lite With Liquid Animation download liquid animation klwp by Ghano Dzpro, The official app from the Play Store
Liquid Lite With Liquid Animation liquid animation klwp

To see more, here, this section is for KLWP customizationsPost

Now that you have chosen and downloaded the style that you like, we will explain how to apply customization

Install Nova Launcher and Make it the default launcher For your phone.

How make Nova default launcher

From Android phone

  • Go settings
  • Home Screen
  • Default Launcher and chose Novalauncher.

Or from Nova Launcher

  • Long Preese in Home Screen.
  • click on settings
  • Go select default launcher
  • Click to remember my choice, and chose Nova Launcher.

Now it become Nova Default Launcher with a blank screen.
Download Nova launcher Backup file to set up the Android phone with a blank screen
Novalauncher Backup : Backup

How to use backup

  • Long tap on your home screen and choose settings
  • Go Backup & import settings
  • Click restore
  • browse and chose the file you downloaded called : nova_backup_redmi

After the success of the recovery. will see that the phone screen is blank.

How apply Android customization Theme?

Now on your home screen two finger swipe down to open app drawer.

(Note, you can change how to open the list of applications as you want or as you see it, easy and helps you, such as dragging with one finger up, and the list will open with you.
You will do this by entering Nova settings and going to Gestures & inputs
And choose the companion to the top and then choose to open the list of applications or the app drawar)

Open KLWP app and Click on installed window.

Chose the preset you want
When it appears, click Save.

Best android customization idea

If a sat as wallpaper window appears, press FIX
After that you will see an image full screen, press on SAT AS WALLPAPER, Sat as home screen.

Best android customization idea

Now go home screen. Congratulations, you have changed the look of your Android phone to another style.

Android customization

Android customization ideas are some of the best things you can do to make your smartphone more personal and unique.

Customize your android phone with these cool themes.

Best iOS Theme For Android BROWN Themes for Android
Best iOS Theme For Android BROWN Themes for Android

Now tell me what is your favorite style and have you succeeded in applying the explanation

Any question, contact us  or leave a comment, we will be happy to answer any question


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