Google Pixel 7A rumors point to a huge upgrade

Google Pixel 7A rumors point to a huge upgrade

Pixel 7a tipped to launch with flagship features: Telephoto camera, wireless charging,
Google next generation of Pixel-A series phone is expected to get some features that usually remain exclusive to flagship devices.

Google Pixel 7A rumors point to a huge upgrade
Google Pixel 7A

What you need to know?

It is rumored that the upcoming Google Pixel 7a has specifications at the flagship level.
Google's next Pixel A-series model may include a premium camera similar to the Pixel 6 Series.
It is also said that the phone will have wireless charging and a ceramic body.

The next mid-range smartphone model from Google may not be mid-range after all, at least in terms of specifications, according to rumors collected by people . Evidence suggests that the Pixel 7a will feature a flagship-style chassis and hardware.

According to a previous leak, Google is developing a new model that will use the same set of Tensor G2 chips as the Google Pixel 7 Series. Although this phone seems to be a flagship model, it could be the Pixel 7a due to a similar camera sensor arrangement as the "Lynx", which is rumored to be the code name for the next Pixel A-series device.

The body may also be a significant upgrade over previous models. Rumor has it that the Pixel 7a will be shipped with a ceramic body. The upgrades don't seem to stop there, as the next-generation device is supposed to support wireless charging, which is not uncommon on many of the best cheap Android phones.

Another significant improvement is possible in the camera department. According to rumors, the Pixel 7a will have a flagship camera, featuring a GN1 sensor from Samsung. This is the same camera sensor that is in the 50MP cameras of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. Moreover, the phone tends to have a Sony-made IMX787 sensor for zoom and an IMX712 sensor for large-scale shooting. For selfies, the front camera of the device will allegedly be equipped with an IMX712 sensor.

This does not mean that the Pixel 6A camera is substandard. However, while the camera takes good pictures, it is significantly inferior in image quality to its flagship counterparts.

The aforementioned specifications are not usually associated with a mid-range phone, so these rumors leave us wondering if Google will sell the upcoming device at an affordable price, as it did with its predecessor.

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