Pixel issue unlock Phone with SIM Card Solved

Pixel issue unlock Phone with SIM card. issue resolved in November update

Along with being the first for the Pixel 7, the November update security patch is particularly important because it fixes a issue that allows someone to unlock and bypass the lockscreen on your Pixel phone.

Pixel issue unlock Phone with SIM Card Solved
Pixel issue Solved

An "attacker with physical access circumvent the lock screen protections " fingerprint, PIN, etc ". and get entire access to the user's device," according to David Schütz, who found the problem (CVE-2022-20465).

We can observe a locked smartphone with biometrics deactivated after numerous unsuccessful attempts in the demonstration video below. After changing the SIM, you will be prompted to "Enter SIM PIN." Users are prompted for the PUK code, which you are aware of because it is on your SIM card, after three unsuccessful PIN tries.

When you enter a new PIN number for that SIM card after successfully entering the previous one, the phone will unlock to your homescreen and give you full access.

In the middle of this year, Schütz reported this unlock issue to Android's Vulnerability Rewards Program, however Google did not address the Pixel lockscreen issue until September (after some in-person prompting). It generated a $70,000 prize and is classified as a "System" problem with "High" severity in the November security patch. As "Updated AOSP versions," the business also includes Android 10, 11, 12, 12L, and 13.

For the Pixel 4a and newer, the November security patch is currently accessible. Here is a collection of Google's technical fixes.

video Pixel issue unlocked Phone with SIM card

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