Apple launches the first public beta for iOS 16.3

Apple launches the first public beta for iOS 16.3

Apple launches the first public beta for iOS 16.3, here's all new

Following the Wednesday distribution of the initial iOS 16.3 beta to developers, Apple today made the update accessible to users signed up for the program. Discover what's new in iOS 16.3 Public Beta 1 by reading on.

What’s new in the iOS 16.3 Public Beta 1

Use of physical security keys to safeguard Apple IDs is one of the new features included in the update. As a result, you will have a physical hardware device that you may configure to act as your account's second layer of two-factor authentication.

According to Apple, its device-to-device transfer procedure combines with the Security Key system. So long as you use the device-to-device setup transfer process when setting up a new iPhone, after you authenticate your iPhone with the Security Key, you won't have to do it again if you get a new iPhone.

It's important to remember that Apple will not be producing a hardware security key. Instead, it will make use of services provided by others. To guarantee cross-platform compatibility with open standards, the company is collaborating with the FIDO Alliance.

A new manual demonstrating how to use the Handoff functionality between iPhone and HomePod is also included with iOS 16.3 beta.

Apple is conducting beta tests for tvOS 16.3, watchOS 9.3, and macOS 13.2 in addition to iOS 16.3. According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Apple plans to release iOS 16.3 sometime in February or in the first few days of March.

How to install the new iOS 16.3 betas

Register on the Apple Beta Software Program website and adhere to all of the procedures there if you wish to install Apple beta software on your devices. It's important to note that anyone with a suitable smartphone can sign up for the program without paying anything.

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