Dynamic Island - iOS KLWP Theme for Android

Looking for a unique and dynamic iOS experience on your Android phone? Look no further than Dynamic Island - iOS KLWP Theme for Android V2. This innovative theme requires KLWP pro and Nova Launcher prime to run, but it's well worth the effort to experience the ultimate user experience.

Dynamic Island - iOS KLWP Theme
Dynamic Island - iOS KLWP Theme

Dynamic Island - iOS KLWP Theme for Android: The Ultimate User Experience

With its globals for widgets, icons, and wallpapers, including radius corner and size, Dynamic Island is optimized for various phone screen resolutions. And with its previous updates, the theme just keeps getting better. Here are some of the latest improvements:

  • Changing the color of Clock, Datetime, Widgets, and apps name is now separated, which is useful for different wallpapers.
  • The layout of blurred side panel, icons, and weather widgets at pages 2 and 4 have been fixed.
  • The event content when there is no event has been improved to look more friendly.
  • The design layout of battery icons has been improved.
  • There's now a global to change the size of weather icon. Look for this global: wics.
  • There are also globals to change the color of the battery icon at the status bar. To switch between color modes, please touch the battery icon widget at the control center page. Please look for globals: batcl1, batcl2 to replace built-in colors with your own color.

Installing the theme is easy, thanks to the step-by-step guide in the How to Install iOS Theme video. You can also replace built-in apps with your own app, as shown in this video. And for the smoothest performance, be sure to disable the "Transition effect" of Nova Launcher, which you can find in Nova Launcher settings under Homescreen > Transition effect. You can also disable the dock in Nova launcher settings if you hardly touch the bottom apps.

With its four pages, Dynamic Island is designed for maximum functionality and aesthetics. Here are some of the highlights:

A. Dynamic Island Features:

  1. Switching between ringer modes with smooth animation like iOS.
  2. Displaying new notifications with short form and full form.
  3. Music player with short form and full form.
  4. Displaying battery status.
  5. When the phone is being charged, Dynamic Island will animate to show battery status.

B. Theme Features:

  1. First Page:

  • It's designed as a lock screen page with notifications and widgets. Moreover, you can access the wallpaper setting page by touching directly on this page, then swipe between the screens to choose the wallpaper that you like. Another feature of this lock screen page is Always on Display. It's activated when you touch the moon icon at the bottom left button.
  • To replace built-in wallpapers with your own wallpapers, please look for globals: pic1, pic2, pic3.
  1. Second Page:

  • It's designed as the homepage of the theme with widgets and application icons.
  1. Third Page:

  • It's designed as a control center page with many options.
  • You can switch between light/dark for panels as well as adjust the brightness of both panels and wallpapers. In addition, you can also adjust the blur value of wallpapers.
  • You can switch between white/black color of the texts. It's useful when you use different kinds of wallpapers.
  • You can adjust the media volume and brightness of wallpapers by touching the bars widgets. Left for reducing, right for increasing.
  • You can also switch between iOS flat icons and Big Sur icons. You can replace built-in icons with your own icons by changing the images of icons in the Globals section easily.
  1. Fourth Page:

  • It's designed as another homepage of the theme with a different design. You can turn on/off the blurred side panel by touching the switch button.

Screen Shoot

Dynamic Island - iOS klwp Dynamic Island - iOS klwp Dynamic Island - iOS klwp Dynamic Island - iOS klwp

Video Animations

How to install ios theme step by step

Download Dynamic Island - iOS klwp

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