Installing and Setting Up BBVPN on Android

Installing and Setting Up BBVPN on Android
Installing and Setting Up BBVPN on Android

BBVPN is a popular free VPN app for Android. Here is a walkthrough on installing and setting it up:

  1. Download the BBVPN app from the Google Play Store. The app is free to download and use.

  2. Open the app and tap "Start." You'll need to go through a quick registration process to create an account.

  3. Choose a server location. BBVPN has servers in over 50 countries. Select one based on your needs.

  4. Connect to the VPN server by sliding the "Connect" switch. It may take 15-30 seconds to establish a connection.

  5. The app will show your new IP address and location once connected. The VPN icon will also appear in your notification bar indicating you are protected.

Some troubleshooting tips:

  • Make sure your Android OS is up to date as BBVPN requires at least Android 5.0.

  • Try reinstalling the app if you have connection issues.

  • Contact BBVPN support if you continue having trouble connecting. They have 24/7 live chat support.

  • Consider upgrading to BBVPN premium for faster speeds and more server options. The free version has data limits.

BBVPN Android App Review

Here are some of the key features and usability notes for the BBVPN Android app:

  • No logs policy - BBVPN claims to not log any user activity or data while connected. This protects privacy.

  • Unlimited bandwidth - There are no data caps on the free version. You can use as much data as you want.

  • Decent speeds - Speeds are capped at 2 Mbps on the free version but are generally fast enough for daily browsing and streaming.

  • Easy to use - The app has a clean, minimal interface. Tapping the connect button is all it takes to get started.

  • Reliable connections - The VPN is stable on Android devices and maintains a secure connection well. Disconnects are rare.

  • No leaks - Leak testing shows no IPv6 or DNS leaks while connected to BBVPN's servers.

Some downsides to note:

  • Server selection is limited on the free version. Only about 15 countries are available.

  • Lacks advanced features like split tunneling which competitors offer.

  • No ad blocking is built into the app.

Overall, BBVPN is an excellent free option for Android users looking for basic VPN protection and privacy. The unlimited data and simple app make it easy to recommend trying out.

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Tips for Using BBVPN on Android

Here are some tips to use the BBVPN Android app more efficiently:

  • Tap the server location name to find and connect to the fastest server. BBVPN will run a speed test.

  • Enable the VPN on startup in the app settings so you are always protected.

  • In the Connection Options, you can enable features like "Auto Reconnect" and "Block IPv6."

  • If you travel, download the server list before disconnecting to save data.

  • Whitelist any apps that don't need the VPN like banking and VoIP. This prevents disconnections.

  • Contact customer support through live chat or email if you are having issues. They are very responsive.

  • Consider upgrading to premium for faster speeds, more server locations, and parallel connections.

Key Things to Know About BBVPN

Here are some important facts about the BBVPN service:

  • BBVPN is owned and operated by VanGuard Cyber Technologies which is based in Cyprus. They have been around since 2016.

  • They have a strict no-logs policy that has been verified by independent audits. User data is not monitored or stored.

  • The free version has a data limit of 10GB per month. Premium plans start at around $50/year and have unlimited data.

  • BBVPN uses industry-standard AES-256 encryption for securing connections.

  • Apps are available for all major platforms - Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, etc.

  • Servers are primarily located in North America and Europe. Server count is roughly 1000.

  • Supports torrenting on all servers. Other VPNs block this activity.

  • Provides DNS leak protection, IPv6 leak protection, and an internet kill switch.

  • Allows up to 5 simultaneous connections which is more than many competitors.

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Comparing BBVPN to Other Popular Free Android VPNs

BBVPN stands out among other free VPNs for Android in a few ways:


  • Unlimited data bandwidth
  • 2 Mbps speed cap on the free version
  • Simple minimal interface
  • No invasive permissions required


  • Only offers 1 free server location
  • Strict data limits unless you upgrade
  • Slower speeds than BBVPN typically


  • Data limited to 500MB per month on the free version
  • Offers good speeds but not unlimited data
  • Requires invasive permissions

  • 2GB monthly data limit when free
  • Limited to just a few server locations
  • Speeds are limited to 2 Mbps like BBVPN


  • No data cap but very slow speeds
  • sells user data and shows ads
  • Few server options and limited features

In summary, BBVPN comes out ahead for not limiting data bandwidth, having good speeds, a simple interface, and not selling user data. The unlimited data and privacy protection makes it the best free Android VPN app.

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